My name is Danny Cortez and I am married to my wonderful wife Abby. I’m the father of four children. I’m a pastor, chaplain and artist.

I was raised in a Catholic family but I became “born again” when a stranger shared a Christian tract with me while I was in high school. I got involved with Calvary Chapel in Downey, CA during my formative years. In that church, I became interested in apologetics and became an avid student of Walter Martin and Josh McDowell. I also became heavily involved with Campus Crusade for Christ at Long Beach State. Through Campus Crusade for Christ, my interest in world evangelism grew as I participated in several missions opportunities.

After graduation from Long Beach State, I went on to prepare for ministry at Talbot Theological Seminary at Biola University. I became a youth pastor at a Southern Baptist Church in La Puente, CA. The church sent me in 1997 to plant what is now New Heart Community Church in Whittier, CA.

As I pastored this multi-ethnic congregation, we began to see God’s care for the oppressed. We started a ministry called My Refuge House that sought to care for those exploited in the commercial sex trade. I also took on the role of hospice chaplain and continued to discover the presence of God among people who are often overlooked. Ministry in hard real life settings began to expose many areas in my theology that was too rigid in a world that wasn’t black and white. But I began to see that God was present outside of my theological maps. God became bigger and much more beautiful.

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  1. Hi Pastor Danny, I’m a Biola (and Rosemead) alum and wanted to reach out to you on behalf of about 25ish Biola alums (circa 2003-2007) who all identify as allies and want to support Biola students identifying as LGBTQQI+, but not quite sure how we can be effective. I spoke with a friend (Lindsay Robertson-also Biola alum and current Rosemead student) who suggested that I get in touch with you because you may be connected with current LGBTQQI+ students and staff. Do you know how we can best support these students/staff? From a systems perspective? (Also, I really appreciate watching the youtube video on the day you spoke to your congregation about being LGBT affirming/ally.)


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