Evangelicalism’s Failure To Apply Scripture

Fifty years ago, the greatest minds of evangelical Christianity failed to apply the Scriptures accurately in the great test of the Civil Rights movement. The non-black religious leaders who marched in the movement were largely from Eastern Orthodox, Catholic and mainline faiths. Many leaders in the evangelical church were invisible, silent and distant. And many more were part of the oppression of black lives. Even though the evangelical church has now adopted the Civil Rights reforms, the core of its theology that allowed this failure has not changed. Will we fail again in our generation?

Between the period of 1880-1940 when almost 5000 black men and women were lynched, white male evangelical theologians and pastors failed to address this monstrous atrocity. The sermons and theology books written at this time ignored this cruel injustice. Will we fail again as black bodies are being lynched still in our generation?

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6 thoughts on “Evangelicalism’s Failure To Apply Scripture

  1. It also should be noted, that Bayard Rustin, an openly gay man, was MLK’s strategist and organized the march on Washington. A close friend of MLK, he is not remembered, as he was gay. History forgets his importance, because of his sexuality.


  2. I fear they just might. It’s why I left evangelical Christianity behind, and will do so again. Thank you for the words, though. And I will re-blog them on my blog.


  3. Pastor Danny, I am a British writer, evangelical Christian and gay. I am writing a book on the Christian faith an homosexuality (working title’ Christian and gay?god sais it’s ok’) this is in response to the growing hurt suffered so many young gay Christians in the UK. I agree with so much with what you say and the action you have taken. I would hope we can swap info about what is happening on both sides of the Pond. Can you give me your email address so that I can explain more fully and ask you some questions. I worship at Oasis (Baptist) church Waterloo, London.
    Our Pastor Steve Chalke, Who is straight, Changed his mind on homosexuality and was thrown out from the Evangelical Alliance….and our church with it. We have much in common. I do hope you can respond.
    God bless, keith.


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